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Share House
1335 Wyoming Street
Missoula, MT 59801
Phone: (406) 532-9830
Fax: (406) 541-3031

Contact Info:
Executive Director: Katherine Isaacson, LCPC
Clinical Director: Kevin Stewart, M. Ed., LAC
Program Manager: Rebecca Spencer
Operations Manager: Shiloh Lucier

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Thursday: 8:30 am – 6:00 pm
Friday:  8:30 am – 4:00 pm

Ages Served: Adult men and women; 18 Bed facility

Description of Services Provided: Share House provides residential and an integrated support service for co-occurring and homeless individuals.  Share House staff is on site 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  The goal is to have residents become self-sufficient as they progress in their recovery. Share House services are a part of the community effort to end chronic homelessness. Share House provides a drug-free supportive living environment, Case Management services, life skills groups, Rehabilitation Aide services related to the development and utilization of life skills, coordinates referral to clinical services, employment, vocational planning, nutritional and medical care, and permanent housing.  Supportive housing services are accessed by completing an admission packet and interview.  Available slots are based on admission process approval. HUD Supported Housing Share House’s residential program has six beds that are designated for homeless individuals who are also chemically dependent.

Mental Health Group Home: There are eight Mental Health beds designated to those who have a mental health diagnosis in addition to their chemical dependency disorder.   Share House is the only program available in the State of Montana that offers transitional housing, treatment and follow-up services needed for the homeless population who suffer from addiction and/or are diagnosed with both addiction and mental health disorders. Share House provides several different services within the facility.  These different services are all funded by different sources.  If you have any questions about any one of the following service descriptions, please contact Share House. Admission Process for Transitional Housing All applicants must have a Substance Abuse/Dependence diagnosis from a Licensed Addiction Counselor, must be homeless, and/or have a mental health diagnosis.  Individuals must complete an admission application and return to Share House.  Applications are reviewed and staffed as a team.  Once an applicant is accepted, they are put on a waitlist for the next available bed.  Actual placement into Share House is determined by the level of motivation of the applicant and on a “needs” basis.

Drug Testing
We offer Urine testing and Breath testing for the community for a small fee.  The Urine tests will test for the following drugs:  Marijuana, Alcohol, Opiates, Heroin, Cocaine, Methamphetamine, Oxycontin and others. Drug tests and Breathalyzers are done on a walk-in basis for the public.